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D&S Hydraulics is an Authorized Sales and Service Center for Stanley Hydraulic Tools, and we’re extremely proud that this global company and industry leader trusts us with the duty of selling and servicing their railroad maintenance tools! We can help with selecting the best tool for your jobs, get you the best possible price on these tools, and then keep your Stanley Tools running properly with factory-authorized service from our trained mechanics.

Stanley Hydraulic Tools feature a lineup of tools made specifically for “railroad maintenance of way“, which means these tools help keep the tracks and signaling and communication systems working properly on America’s railways. Here in the northwest and Central Oregon, these railways carry vital goods up and down the coast and inland, giving our communities access to everything from lumber and building supplies to automobiles and foodstuffs. Railroads also provide jobs for thousands of hard-working people here in Oregon.

  • Spike Pullers

  • Spike Drivers

  • Tie Tampers

  • Multi-Purpose Concussion Tool

  • Impact Wrenches

  • Rail Drills

  • Diggers

  • Chain Saws

  • Earth Augers

  • Post Pullers / Post Drivers

  • Submersible Trash Pumps

  • Rail Saws

  • Track Jacks

  • Power Units

  • TracHorse

  • Weld Shears

  • Grinders

  • Robotic Welders

  • EConect Pin Braze Units

  • EP30 Pin Braze

  • Padlocks